Foundations for bus interchange

It is expected to take 12 hours and 234 truckloads before Christchurch’s biggest continuous concrete pour since the quakes is completed.

The new bus interchange is beginning to take shape as trucks create the foundation slab for the Lichfield St frontage with 1466 cubic metres of concrete.

Workers began the pour at 3am today.

Christchurch Central Development Unit director Warwick Isaacs believed this was a significant moment for the city’s rebuild.

“It will take about 234 truckloads of concrete from three different production plants to pour the 90 centimetre deep slab on the 90m by 16m site. This is equivalent to filling more than 13,000 average bath tubs,” Isaacs said.

Steel framework will commence within six weeks, and the anchor project is expected to be operational by winter next year.

With the main entrance off Colombo St, the bus interchange will have 16 bays, capable of handling more than 100 buses per hour, indoor waiting areas, taxi ranks, a covered lock-up facility for 100 bicycles and secure public lockers.

Regional bus lines will also be catered for, with stops planned for outside the interchange on Lichfield St.

Isaacs said this was the largest continuous concrete pour for an anchor project so far, but it will not be the biggest with the justice and emergency services precinct slab to be about 9600 cubic metres.


  • Myles Hume
  • The Press
  • Photo: John Kirk-Anderson

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