Our clients work in specialist areas of expertise and as a rule, they are not able to source enough skills locally (mainly because a lot of Kiwi talent is currently overseas). This scenario has been significantly amplified by the Christchurch Earthquakes. Therefore, it falls to the likes of Catalyst to use our international networks to find people like you.

We love helping people change their life – which is why our focus is on internationally based candidates. People who want to move to New Zealand are usually looking for an increased standard of living for themselves or associated family, which means they are moving jobs for the right reason – not just for a pay rise.

Before we work with you we will need you to identify your unique and compelling reasons for wanting to move here. We will also want to help identify any potential issues that might delay or prevent the process.

Do not contact us if you do not want to openly discuss the full details behind your reasons to move here!

At this stage it is you that has the choice. If you want to contact other recruiters who dabble in international sourcing – or go direct to employers, then so be it, we will be very happy for you, but if you want the best of international sourcing experiences, then you need look no further than Catalyst who are the only company that focuses on International Sourcing.