T Rex

T-Rex on its way to Christchurch

T-Rex is coming to Christchurch, but it is not for a remake of Jurassic Park.

The 29-tonne shaker truck with the dinosaur moniker is coming to Christchurch to help engineers figure out how to build safely on city’s earthquake-damaged land.

T-Rex pounds the land and records the vibrations to build a profile of the soil to help with the design of quake-resistant buildings.

University of Texas geotechnical engineer Brady Cox, who has been in Christchurch before to profile the deep, soft sediments beneath the city, will return with the truck in March to verify his findings.

‘‘Designing a quake-resistant building starts with the soil,’’ he said. ‘‘The stiffness and layering of the soil has a profound effect on the strength of shaking felt during an earthquake.’’

Source: The Press

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